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ScenRaid DKP

The Frorm will be best- but if you like to have ingame here you go

This is a Detailed raid system for controlling raids and distributing points for your raids automaticly.

Supports the following -
-Points Distro by :
Mobs, Drops, Colors, Time, or any combo of them. Also includes the ability to add a PCT bonus based on the difficulty of the raid encounter.

Tracks the following -
Mob kill counts, drops, DKP spent, mob locations, mob kills, raid stats, raid overall stats, player stats.

Supports trading of info:
You can exchange mob info, raid info, DKP info with anyone using the software.

The software will also connect with a website and do full data uploading, so you can track your guild on the web. Supports global log ins, custom web page design, what you want to display, and secure log in so only your guild can view the data uploaded. With a full item search database based off a collection of data submitted by the raid UI.

Will auto broadcast raid invites to any channel specified, as well as auto convert to raid, and change looting rules.

Being built into the game it allows you the freedom from having to track everything by hand or using some clunky interface to manage the data.

UI requires no add ons, this was done so that anyone could use it with minimal over head.