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Hunter- SimpleTranqShot 1.71

Name SimpleTranqShot 1.71
What it does-
This is a light weight mod that replaces the need for a macro to broadcast when a hunter casts tranqilizing shot. Instead of sending a message every time the macro is hit, just casting Tranqilizing Shot normally will send the message, and only when the cast is actually successful to avoid channel spam. If the Tranquilizing Shot misses, it broadcasts a different message. It also displays text on the interface to let the player know the shot missed with out having to monitor the combat log or be looking at the ceiling to see the MISS text over the target's head.
Arch Druid (at least according to BA!)
You can mimic this functionality using the macro addon " Aftercast" which lets you set events to occur after the successful, or failed, casting of a spell.