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CT_RaidAssist (channel: CTLO)

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Here it is, the Big Kahuna, the Head Cheese, the Chairmain of the of right now, CT_RaidAssist is *THE* single most important AddOn you can get to improve the chances of the raid group when raiding endgame content like Onyxia's Lair or Molten Core. I'm sure that many of those who have succeeded, as well as failed, at some of the encounters you'll face in those places wouldn't even think of succeeding without it.

...well, okay...maybe if your raid is comprised of 40 uber-1337 d00dz who spend 24/7 playing, and have successfully adapted their bodies to derive all needed sustenance from in-game success, you can "go commando" without CT_RaidAssist. But for us lowly humans, it is like a gift from the Gods.


What It Does
What doesn't it do?!? It slices, it dices, it purees! It's a one-stop-endgame-content-mincing-shop! But seriously...

CT_RaidAssist allows you to display, on-screen, icons for any and all members of your current raid group. These icons display each player's health and mana/energy/rage, along with space to display some little icons for buffs currently on the player. These icons also include color-coded shading to indicate when players are currently debuffed, and how.

All this information is updated in real-time, using a "hidden" chat channel in which data is broadcast from each person in the raid with the AddOn to every other person in the raid with the AddOn.

If you click on a player's icon, that player is selected as your target. Similarly, you can use the icons as targets for spells, in the exact same way you can use the icons for members of your current party when in a 5-man group.

CT_RaidAssist also allows the raid leader and assistants (The "L's" and "A's") to assign up to 5 members of the raid as Main Tanks (MTs) numbered 1-5. All members of the raid can then display a corresponding icon for each assigned MT, including the name and health of their current target. Clicking on these icons works the same way as using an "/assist ______" macro for the corresponding MT, or selecting the MT and then hitting your assist target button. Thus, all members in the raid can easily see the health of all the MT Targets, and assist any of the assigned MTs at any time.

It provides a "Mana Conserve" function for all classes that have healing spells with a non-instant cast time. This function ensures that, while the casting player is in combat, any healing spell with a non-instant cast time can be aborted an instant before it is completed if the current target's health is above a preset level. Thus ensures that the absolute minimum amount of mana is wasted when healing targets while in combat.

And finally, it provides an alert messaging system that lets the raid leader and assistants broadcast alert messages to every member of the raid group, which display in the middle of the player's screen and are accompanied by an audible alert as well.

And all of these features are configurable in a multitude of ways.

Where Do You Get It
CT_RaidAssist is part of the suite of AddOns that are part of CTMod, but it can and will operate as a standalone AddOn, without requiring any of the other parts of the CTMod suite. It can be downloaded from the CTMod Website. You can jump directly to their Downloads Page.

Also, you can find it on the Curse-Gaming Website.

Who Needs It
Everybody. Yes, even you. And you. Don't think we can't see you hiding behind that burly Night Elf.

It is truly vital that every person in the raid have this AddOn for our greatest chance of success.

If you are a healer, you will need the AddOn to be able to quickly and easily target any member of the raid for a spot heal, to quickly and easily see the mana levels of the other healers you are sharing rotation duties with, and so on.

If you are a tank, you will need the AddOn to report the health of your current target, so that all members of the raid can see the MT Target health levels, and retarget whenever needed during the battle.

If you are a buffer (Paladin, Mage, Druid, or Priest) you will need the AddOn to easily see when buffs you are responsible for keeping applied have expired or been removed, and need to be recast.

If you are a debuff remover (Paladin, Mage, Druid, or Priest) you will need the AddOn to be able to quickly detect when members of the raid have been debuffed in a manner that you can actively remove.

If you are an offensive damage-dealer you will need the AddOn to be able to easily see the health of all the mobs being tanked, to correctly assist and retarget during each encounter as needed.

If you are any member of the raid, you will need the AddOn to ensure that your own health, buff, and debuff information are broadcast to the relevant members of the raid who need to know them. You will also receive alerts and commands via the raid broadcast messaging system.

How Much Is It Needed
As mentioned previously, this is (as of this writing) the single most important AddOn you can get to improve the chances of our raid group. It should be considered: "Essential".

Installation and Use
Installation of CT_RaidAssist is straightforward - see this thread for a primer on installing AddOns.

All of the functions of this AddOn are accessible either from a new tab which it adds onto your Social Menu (accessed via the "o" key). Once the AddOn is installed, you will have a new "CTRaid" tab alongside your existing "Raid" tab on this menu.

From this tab, you can select which of up to 8 groups of player icons to display on-screen at any time. You can display all, some, or none of the groups of icons. Most of the remaining functionality is accessed via the "Options" button at the top of this new tab.

The Options menu for CT_RaidAssist is broken up into 5 submenus, and includes built-in documentation that is mostly self-explanatory.

To begin using the AddOn, the most important thing is to join the CT_RaidAssist hidden "data" chat channel, mentioned previously. For Leftovers raids, this channel will always be CTLO. You can choose to manually set this as the CT_RaidAssist channel name via the "General Options" sub-menu within the Options menu, or it can be broadcast by a raid leader or assistant to everybody in the raid who has the AddOn. With the newer versions of CT_RaidAssist, setting the channel manually, or having it broadcast to you, will automatically join the channel as well. In older versions, you will need to join manually via the corresponding button in the General Options sub-menu, or by typing "/raidassist join" at the WoW chat/command prompt.

Note that amongst the ways in which CT_RaidAssist can be configured are the following:
    1) You can hide or show up to 8 "display groups" of players within the raid. The display groups can be organized by party, by class, or via a drag-and-drop interface using the CTRaid tab, which lets you reposition player icons into any of the 8 display groups you want to, with up to 5 players displayed in each group.

    2) You can drag and drop each display group, as well as the MT Targets display, anywhere on the screen you would like. You can lock or unlock their positions, and also separately scale the group and MT Targets displays to larger or smaller than the default, as you wish.

    3) You can choose which buffs to display on each player's icon, and in what priority to display them.

    4) You can choose which types of debuffs will be used to color-code a player's icon, and the order of precedence to use in color-coding (ie. which color to shade the icon if the player is debuffed in two different ways).

    5) You can configure the target health levels above which your non-instant cast healing spells will be aborted at the last instant, to conserve mana.

Tips and Tricks
It is easy to overlook some of the configuration options available to you which can make CT_RaidAssist an even more effective tool. In particular:
    1) Being able to organize the group displays by class as well as by custom allows you to more effectively concern yourself with only those members within the raid that you need to be aware of to undertake your responsibilities.

    For example: If you are a healer responsible for healing the MTs and spot-healing your own party, you may wish to display the MTs in one group, and your own party in a different group, so that you may quickly cast heals on those raid members without concerning yourself with the other raid members. Similarly, if you are a buffer who is assigned to buff by class, rather than by party, you can adjust your display appropriately.

    2) If you are a buffer, you can configure the AddOn to only show buff icons for the specific buffs which you can apply. It then becomes very easy to tell at a glance when the buffs you are responsible for have faded and need to be recast. There is even an option to actively notify you when buffs you are displaying with have faded from members of a party or class.

    3) If you are a debuff remover, you can configure the AddOn to only shade player's icons when they are debuffed in a manner that you can remove. This ensures that any chance to a player's icon can be quickly noted, and the debuff of that type removed by the responsible party. Similarly, there is a debuff notification feature, as with 2) above.

On a more general note, even if you are one of those classes that needs less active feedback from CT_RaidAssist, it can be enlightening to display the icons for the raid Main Tanks and Healers...I have personally found that there is no better barometer for the current success (and chances of survival) of a raid than these icons. Without live tanks or available healing, any raid group is likely to falter, and fast!

All in all, there are lots of wonderful features of this AddOn to explore and experiment with.
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Here is version CTRA 1.12
They just released a new version 1.17, should we all update to that before the next week starts?
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People that are using 1.15 or higher will not be able to send debuff updates to people using 1.12 or lower. Last week, we advised everyone use 1.12... this week, especially citing some new things in 1.17, everyone should upgrade.
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Using 1.17 I noticed that those in my raids yesterday using earlier versions were not getting updated properly. After every encounter I had to uncheck and recheck the "Check all groups" box in order to refresh. Updating is always a good thing, though, just not in the middle of a raid.
New version released today with 1.6 patch.
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download the version 1.2 FTW!!

it has the addons for the MC bosses, onyxia and azuregos

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New version released today 08/14/05).

Changes in 1.3:

Major additions/changes:

* Debuff curing has had a huge amount of customization added. The debuff curing system is a very flexible system that will allow players to cure debuffs using a priority order. By default, the order will first cure your target before moving on to yourself, your party, the whole raid, and then any pets in the raid (starting with your own and your party's). The priority order can be heavily customized using an innovative drag and drop interface. You can also add debuff "sets", which lets you give some debuffs higher priority over others, so the system will cure any of the first set's debuffs in the raid, before moving on to lower tiered sets. All the fields allow you to use the wildcard * to match zero or more characters. Every set can exlude certain classes, and every set can have its own priority order. A few debuff sets are already added by default as useful examples. To use the debuff curing system to cure debuffs, bind the key binding "Cure Raid Debuffs" (if you haven't already) under the Key Bindings menu. You can also have a macro execute the command /racure.
* /radur added. /radur, short for Raid Durability, returns a list of all raid users (using 1.3 or above) and their equipped item durability. This is a simple list which is greatly helpful for raid leaders in determining the best time to use a repair bot.
* /rareg added. /rareg, short for Raid Reagents, returns a list of all major spell reagents currently in posession. For priests it lists # of candles, druids # of thornroot, mages # of arcane powder, and warlocks # of soulshards.

Minor additions/changes:

* Hunters not in the CTRA channel who would FD would stay showing FD until they reloaded, or joined the channel; this has been fixed.
* The Emergency Monitor right click menu was accidentally being activated by some players when right clicking where it should be; it now hides correctly and should no longer appear randomly like that.
* /ragstart has been added. This command will start the Ragnaros boss mod timer when you engage after the first attempt.
* Debuffs will now show how many people have been debuffed in one message, should more than one person be debuffed at once with the same debuff.
* The old debuff curing binding has been changed to cure debuffs using the new debuff curing system.
* Fixed up a few German string translations in RA Boss Mods.
* Added a 'Not Ready' option to the ready check, allowing for a more accurate account of who is actually not ready and who is AFK.
* Fixed an issue with the Emergency Monitor moving around on its own.
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Something else to know is that CT_Raidassist is also integerated with Castparty, which I use heavily on my priest. When healing in a raid, it enables me to not only watch the health and buffs/debuffs of the whole raid, but also allows me to one-click heal/shield/buff/cure/whatever any member of the raid. The hard part is that if you don't have CT_raidassist installed, there's a chance I may not see your health go down until your already dead. All the more reason to have everyone install it. And even if you have it installed already - is it UP TO DATE? Some of the bugs in previous versions, like the Hunter Feign Death bug, would keep me from seeing anything at all about you the entire raid (fixed in 1.3).