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So even though the old loot system doesn't make sense anymore - I could see the old sign up system here being AMAZING for trying to set up raids still - particularly for Mythics where there has to be 20 people.

So - what's it take to unghost this enough to have folks use the signups here?
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I'd venture to say most people that used to use LO either don't play or have moved onto bigger, better things. Blizzard pretty much has all the features LO offered minus all the drama and point abuse. Besides, most of the people on here were either assholes or came to your raid for one week, got loot and never returned. LO was a great tool for its time, but that time has passed.
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Still for raid scheduling it may have value. We used to have a way to sign up for non-LOP runs, and that could be done for the current expansion for just raid signups.

I suspect its just a matter of filling in some data for the new expansion's raids.