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Shameless Self Promotion

AP Tank Lead - Dwarven Bomb Squad
Greetings folks ;)

For those who remember/care, Kelaren and I started our writing careers with an announcement here of our first book, Interphase, close to five years ago.

We're happy to share the news that we've released the sequel to that first book (our third in total now) and if anyone's curious in checking out where we started, we've got a free promotion on the first book to help shore up interest in the new release.

Old & Busted (& Free):

New Hotness:

You can also keep tabs, uh, I mean see what we're up to at our website:

Hope that gaming and life have been going well for the old crew, and happy hunting on Argus to those who are still enjoying their travails in Azeroth!

Artalis and Kelaren
Artalis / Khandron - 236 levels of tanking goodness!
"All your aggro are belong to US!" - Go go gadget writing career!