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Charter on Hiatus

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Ops Leader for Dark Hunters
As of today, Dark Hunters has moved servers to Harbinger for different reasons. We wont be disbanding the guild in BC, and we wont be taking down Leftovers charter, in order to keep the information and format available in case someone finds it useful.

If you're interested in joining this new adventure with us, contact anybody in Dangerously Incompetent, Imperial side, Harbinger, and we will gladly welcome you to our new home.

To Persaus, Ini and Sonete, thank you guys for allowing us to be part of this, and I hope to see you guys around.

This system is very efficient, and very useful, I hope many people realize that it can also be a tool to mantain a nice community, as it was Leftovers before 3.0

Take care BC, and remember, it's Annoyed's fault.
just a tank.