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Hellfire Citadel raid schedule released!

The Mod Squad's Familliar
 The armies of Azeroth are set to charge into Tanaan Jungle and the new Raid found there. To help with the coordination of these fiery days to come, we’ve broken down the unlock schedule for Hellfire Citadel. Get ready!

If you're among those patiently sharpening your sword until Raid Finder unlocks, please note that you'll need a minimum item level of 650 to enter. Here's the rundown:

Week 1 (with the release of Patch 6.2)

Hellfire Citadel Normal and Heroic difficulties open.

Week 2

Mythic difficulty becomes available.
Raid Finder Wing 1 (Hellfire Assault, Iron Reaver, Kormrok) unlocks.

Week 4

Raid Finder Wing 2 (Hellfire High Council, Kilrogg, Gorefiend) unlocks.

Week 6

Raid Finder Wing 3 (Shadow-Lord Iskar, Socrethar the Eternal, Tyrant Velhari) unlocks.

Week 8

Raid Finder Wing 4 (Fel Lord Zakuun, Xhul’horac, Mannoroth) unlocks.

Week 10

Raid Finder Wing 5 (Archimonde) unlocks
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