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Server Merger and a New Channel!

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As you know, Silver Hand and Farstriders are merging today, February 13th. As part of that merger, our leadership team has been discussing the potential of new raiders being available as fill-ins for our teams as well as perhaps a new team even springing up. As part of those discussions, we were introduced to The Farstriders Raiding Syndicate.

FRS is a raiding group similar to LO: multiple guilds, multiple teams, progression and old content runs alike. They are quite a bit smaller than LO. I have been having an active conversation with several of their leaders, to see if there was room for us to merge in some way as well and be one big happy family of raiders.

Due to some server limitations with the way we do our point and loot systems, it doesn't look like a direct merge of our two groups is going to be possible at this time.

What it does mean, however, is that there's a good sized pool of raiders and potential new friends out there! This is where that pesky new channel comes in. We are encouraging folks to /join "SilverStriders" today after the merge. This will be a channel available to raiders from Leftovers and FRS to both join if they wish and get to know one another. Need a fill-in? Need some help with an old instance? Achievements? Hit up SilverStriders!

As we get further down the road, we will see what the server merge has in store for us. For now, please consider joining the new channel and getting to know our new server-mates.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Good idea on the new channel. Will this eventually replace our usual leftovers channel? I imagine that if the new channel sees more activity, the old channel will just organically phase out.
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Originally posted by Caitir:
We are encouraging folks to /join "SilverStriders" today after the merge.

I'm all about the achievements. If you want to do achievements in either WoW, Steam, over Xbox Live, or on the PlayStation Network, let me know.

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