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Rags post mortem

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Personally, I'd like to see us to it without the Ony buff... and without the UBRS buff as our own natural FR improves.
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Originally posted by Galthron:
Personally, I'd like to see us to it without the Ony buff... and without the UBRS buff as our own natural FR improves.

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I like safety and winning personally Smiler I totally agree we didn't really need the Ony buff. Once we survived the second spawn, he was down with or without the extra 7-10% damage it brought us. The only way it would have been really useful is if it caused us to *avoid* the second spawn. I'm kinda glad it didn't: it showed us that the rule of Wipe On The Second Spawn is entirely false.

But the UBRS buff is another matter entirely: I think it's one of the secrets to the fight Smiler It will be many months before all members of the raid can get 200+ FR unbuffed on their own: the last few pieces of FR are not so easy to obtain.

The spawns weren't really that bad. I think we could survive a third if we needed to. Not that it's a good idea Smiler
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Personally, the LBRS made all the difference for me. My death was never an issue, so I could focus on dps management.

My FR was paltry compared to many, but I had over 7k hp.

I once again used 2 of the pots, but the 2nd wasn't even needed. They are definitely useful, though.
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Yeah guys what Kilguren said pretty much sums it up - Silence have never done ragnaros through 2 sets of sons - it is a huge accomplishment - congrats. (although in saying that we have never tried to and always do all out dps reason being that we killed him prior to the last patch where you could do it with no sons - we always have had 1 set)

As for suggestions on what I have read here - remember ragnaros is a DPS fest fight- While it is possible to survive 2,3 sets of sons each set means that you are more likely to have people die. It is up to you guys but as a hunter I do that fight without changing my dps gear. I use 2 greater fire prot potions, whipper roots, nightsdragon breath and demonic runes to keep myself up and at enough mana to constantly pump out the DPS. I dont have the UBRS buff and do it with ~85 fire resist ^_^. - thats with no heals and rarely die.

But guys you've dont he hard part Smiler it only gets easier from here as the raid gear improves and experience improves Smiler Good luck in killing him again this week Smiler. Gear and experience will naturally improve your DPS, and that is something you will need for the Vaelestrasz fight in BWL - huge DPS.
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