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Azuregos - From a Hunter's Perspective

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I am going to write up a guide to the fight with Azuregos for hunters. Other classes do things differently but, for hunters, this fight is dead easy if you know what to do.

I assure you, if you follow this guide to the letter, the odds of you dying are absolutely minimal.

First, something to keep in mind - this fight is not a sprint. It is an endurance fight. It will probably last about 15 minutes, sometimes longer. Thus, don't worry about maximising your damage at the expense of everything else. Mazimise your survival and you will do more damage over the course of the fight. Dead hunters can do no damage (and don't expect a rez - if you die, you're out of the fight for a full 15 minutes).

Now, Azuregos fights are very simply. In general, he stays focused on the main tank but, periodically, he teleports everyone within range (somewhere between 30 and 35 yard range - not sure of the exact range) underneath him. When the teleport happens, aggro lists are wiped clean. Thus, after every teleport, everyone in the raid must stop attacking to allow the main tank to re-establish aggro.

Hunters are able to always remain outside the teleport range. A hunter should NEVER get hurt by Azuregos in this fight, if they are smart. The tactic is very simple - ALWAYS remain at maximum range and fire from there. AS SOON as Azuregos teleports, feign death. Many people have complained that it gets resisted - I have never had FD resisted against Azuregos because I'm always at max range. Never.

Once your FD is complete, get back up and wait for the attack command. Do NOT begin attacking immediately, however. Make sure your feign death cooldown is either complete or close enough to complete before beginning to fire again. Yes, this does mean you will stand around for 30 seconds or so doing nothing from time to time, but it's better for you and for the raid that you do so. Once feign death has cooled down and an attack command is active, begin again. Shoot until he teleports the raid and then feign death again.

IF you begin attacking before feign death is fully cooled down, you run the risk of a teleport happening and you being unable to stop a shot in time and thus drawing aggro. If that happens, run TOWARDS Azuregos. A main tank is almost certainly running after Az so you want to make it easy for the tank to grab aggro again. Do NOT, under any circumstances, run away from the dragon when you have aggro. Ever. Run at Azuregos and, when you get into melee range, use Disengage. This will often be all you need to shift aggro to the tank who is chugging up behind the dragon. Use it again if you still have aggro since the ssecond use should be plenty.

At all times you should be maneuvering so that you are at your max range. Always. Stop shooting if you have to to move back to max range.

This fight is dead easy for a hunter. It is, without question, the easiest boss fight for a hunter, in fact. If you are willing to stop attacking and wait for feign death to recharge and stop attacking so you can move back into the proper position (maximum range), you will not take any damage from this fight and you will apply consistent damage from start to finish.

Follow the above, and you will never again fear Big Blue. I promise you.
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Additionally, a secondary responsibility of a hunter in the Azuregos fight is to monitor the field of battle for potential adds. The hunter can engage, mitigate, and defeat any potential/actual add with minimal impact to the overall performance of the group.

Hunters should be at max range scattered around the perimeter of the engagement. Therefore, the hunters can take proactive actions to mitigate adds before they engage a class that is in the core of the engagement where an add will provide more distraction.

Better to have one hunter distracted then get a priest, mage, or druid distracted and from what I have seen, if an add gets into the core engagement, multiple people are distracted and engage it. Conversely, an add in the core engagement is ignored and everyone assumes someone will engage it - the core engagement should not have this as a concern. The hunters can completely eliminate the concern of adds for the rest of the raid.

- Tallivai