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Razorgore Phase 1 Tactic Suggestion

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Ok, I've been thinking about how we handled the Razorgore encounter and I have a suggestion. It appears, to me, that the key to beating Razorgore is find one key strategy and apply it to phase 1 rather than a combination of abilities. The horde video shows a group relying on "kiting." Their entire strategy is centered around kiting mobs and every action taken reinforces that strategy (for example, they focus fire on mages to kill them since mages don't kite - they stand in place and shoot). I think we need to similarly focus on one strategy and have everything center around that.

My suggestion is fear. We have a lot of fear abilities at our disposal - many of them AOE abilities. I think we should attempt to rely on that to see us through phase 1. More specifically, I suggest we use fear in an effort to avoid the necessity of fighting mobs as much as we can. If we can keep the mobs away from us and not have to fight them, it puts us into a better position once we have to fight Razorgore.

I suggest the following:

A) There are three main groups. 1 - the controlling group (two hunters, two paladins, 1 priest) and 2 bodies of the remainder of the raid, split as evenly as possible on the north and south side of the platform/ramp. EVERYONE is on the platform during all of phase 1 of the encounter.

B) Whenever a mob (or collection of mobs) comes near the platform, characters with fear abilities (priests, warlocks, warriors) fear them away. Ideally making every effort to not duplicate fear (start a fear rotation, of sorts) and ideally attempt to maximize effect (hit as many targets at once as you're able to).

C) Mages and rogues focus on DPSing anything that slips through the fear wall (rogues evasion tanking - set up an evasion tanking rotation, if necessary). Priority targets are 1) mages who can cause havok with their AOE and 2) anything attacking the controlling team. Mages also frost nova anything that slips through the wall of fear so that they can be better targetted by the DPS team (I suggest the DPS team all assists one character so that fire is always focused on one target) and to help keep any mobs from getting to the controlling team and causing any damage. Hunters will provide DPS support if necessary.

D) Hunters will mark any unslept dragonkin and druids will sleep those targets. Hunters will also scatter shot any orcs that slip through the fear wall.

E) Druids and priests will heal everyone as needed with priority given to 1) the controlling team, 2) fear generators, 3) everyone else.

F) The controllers will attempt to clear eggs from the platform area first, and then work outwards from there. The controller will attempt to sleep any available dragonkin. The controller will _NOT_ attempt to pull aggro in any other way (Razorgore will not get any healing support and, as we've seen in the past, if he pulls too much aggro, he's dead meat before we can break all the eggs). Focus is on breaking eggs first and foremost.

G) Hunters will attempt to feign death whenever possible and place an ice traps in close proximity to the controlling team so that anything that does slip through the wall of fear will hopefully be caught before it can cause any damage to the controllers.

In my opinion, this strategy may work if we are able to successfully fear targets away regularly. If we can keep the mobs away from us and keep our necessity to actually fight at a minimum, it should put us in a good position to fight Razorgore when we finally get to phase 2. To me, that is the key to phase 1 - keep the actual necessity to fight at a minimum so we are in the best position possible for fighting Razorgore.

Anyhow, a suggestion for the leads to consider. Certainly open to thoughts, suggestions, and discussion. I do ask, however, that if you offer any thoughts, please keep it focused on the basic idea of using fear to get through phase 1 with as little necessity to fight as possible. If you have a suggestions for a different stratey, please start a new thread. I'd like to keep this one focused on one strategy - fear and avoiding fighting anything, if at all possible.

And, obviously, the tactic for phase 2 is pretty obvious - tank and kill.
What generates more aggro frost nova or fear?

could you not fear them away from controller to outlying mages ready to frost nova? Wait for ice to break then repeat?

When the last egg breaks does Razorgore regen all HP? Maybe letting him get beat on in the end can help us for phase 2, although I'd imagine he does a full regen during the transition.

I'm so curious as to what the actual intended strategy is for this encounter.
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We would also need a roving team to handle the mobs on Razor....burning eggs generates a ton of aggro on him. I think that is why the horde use kiting....some go for the platform..but a ton go for Razor....if we are all on the one can get them off of Razor.
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As for the aggro on Razor, I don't think we'd need a roving band. Mages, hunters, and warlocks can periodically drop AOEs on any clumps that start gathering around Razorgore which will surely pull them off of him (I also have another suggestion below).

I was also thinking of some slight variations that could be used on this plan, depending on how succcessful it is working/not working.

Roving Mages
We could have a mage or three periodically rush out and use Frost Nova to help lock foes down to buy a bit more time for the fear teams. Keeping foes away from the platform and not a threat is the primary goal of this strategy and mages locking foes in place with Frost Nova might be a valuable tactic. Also, if a large clump of orcs start surrounding Razorgore, rather than using an AOE to pull them, this might be a great way to lock a large number of them in place and pull them off of Razor at the same time. Now, any mages that would do this would need to hit and run FAST - rush out, frost nova, haul ass back to the platform before any of the badguys notice the squishy in their midsts.

Ranged Death
It's possible that the orc mages might not bother coming near the platform - they may hold back and just shoot from range. If they do, or if very few foes are getting up to the platform, leaving the mage and hunter DPSers with little to do, we could designate one hunter as main assist who targets a mage, marks them, and then all ranged DPS focuses fire on that mage and burns it down (and then moves on to a new mage, obviously). This prevents the mage from sitting back and blasting the party outside of fear range as well as reduces the number of targets that need to be feared (should they decide to rush the wall of fear).

Now, these are modifications to the core plan that, imho, should only be considered if an element of the core plan isn't working as expected. After all, the goal is to actually engage the foe in combat as little as possible with this proposal. If this plan worked perfectly, exceedingly little actual damage would be inflicted/suffered with this plan.
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i say we need more warlocks

we can do fear real good and 4 locks its not good for this encounter at least the first part we need 5 as a minimun and if we had 6 will be a cake
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