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[Pally] Tankadining 101 v3.0 (Updated for 4.0.1)

"Yub yub, Commander."
Tank for Hire
To start, I will say that this thread will pull heavily from Knaughty of Saurfang's Basic and Advanced FAQ threads on Maintankadin, although as changes come in my hope is to update about the same time he does, and to go into things in a bit more depth this time around. I've also pulled from Theckhd's Theorycrafting thread, which has a wealth of math to support current tankadin theorycrafting; sculder's Reforging Guide; and Digren's Item Enhancement Guide. You should read them!


This guide is no longer being updated - I've bascically retired from WoW for the time being, and as such am no longer on top of breaking paladin news. This guide should still be mostly solid for 4.2, but please make sure to do your own reasearch and visit Mainatankadin.

4.0.6 has seen the following changes:

- Tankadins have Rebuke. Bind it, use it, love it!
- LoH is now off the GCD. Feel free to use it more regularly, depending on who your healers are
- CS and HotR no longer generate HoPo when missed/dodged/parried. Stay tuned to see if Blizzard changes this mind-bogglingly stupid decision.
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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"Yub yub, Commander."
Tank for Hire
Starting Out: Mechanics and Talents

Alright, so you're level 85 and want to give Prot a whirl. Where to begin?


Philosophy: Blizzard is looking to move to a different model of encounter design, where tanks can survive a hit string larger then 2, there are less insta death AE moves, and healers will have to be wary about their resources. In turn, a lot of old mechanics (Blessings, thank C'thulhu) have been massively simplified to promote Blizzard's "Bring the player, not the class" mentality.

Holy Power: Our new resource mechanic functions very similarly to a rogue's combo point generation, but luckily for us the combo points generate on us rather then the mob we're hitting. Our two basic Holy Power (HoPo) generating abilities as prot are Crusader Strike (CS) and Hammer of the Righteous (HotR), and our HoPo spending abilities are Shield of the Righteous (ShoR, I ain't changing my acronym) and Word of Glory, along with Inquisition at level 81.

Vengeance: The new fix for tanks scaling with DPS. The more you get beat on, the more AP you'll get, to the point where you're doing 50k shield slams. It's okay, the mages and elemental shamans will still pull off you, don't worry!

Note: Due to current scaling, Vengeance basically allows us to ignore threat stats and talents in favor of survival options. As such, most raid tanks are turning to pure survival builds, emphasizing self-healing through WoG and SoI.


You now have to choose a talent tree to spend 31 points in, before you can spend points in the two remaining trees! This is a godsend, since it kills the whole Holy-Prot arena spec debacle and other similar tomfoolery that was keeping our first few tiers very watered down. In addition, it allows Blizzard to grant us class defining abilities simply for choosing a particular spec to follow, as well as determine Mastery benefits (more on that later).

We begin by choosing the Protection tree, granting us Avenger's Shield right off the rip along with Touched by the Light (more stam and stam -> AP conversion) and Judgments of the Wise (no more rolling DPlea!). It also grants us a few passive abilities, namely Vengeance (mentioned earlier), as well as access to our mastery Divine Bulwark (again, more on this later).

We then dig into the talents themselves; we have 23 "mandatory" talent points to spend:

Judgments of the Just
Hammer of the Righteous
Wrath of the Lightbringer
Shield of the Righteous
Holy Shield
Sacred Duty
Shield of the Templar
Ardent Defender

To get these twelve talents, you need to spend 8 more points in the Protection tree: two in Tier 1, three in Tier 4 or lower, and three in Tier 5 or lower.

Tier 1 points can be spent in Seals of the Pure (threat) or Eternal Glory (30% chance WoG doesn't take HoPo)

Tier 4 points can be spent in either of the Tier 1 talents, or in Hallowed Ground (reduced mana cost and raised damage of Consecration), Reckoning (third best threat boost), Improved Hammer of Justice (lessened cooldown), or Grand Crusader (situational threat boost, see talent description below).

Tier 5 points add in the options of Guarded by the Light (lets you pop HS using WoG, also boosts WoG healing and gives you an overhealing shield on the second point) or Divine Guardian (Raid Wall with self-wall bit removed).

Finally, after you've spent your 31 points in the Protection tree you have ten more points to spend. This allows you to fill out any of the Protection talents, but also opens up options in Ret and Holy.

Prot - Filling out whatever optional talents you passed over. My personal suggestions are taking Reckoning if you haven't, Hallowed Ground if you're running a lot of heroics, and/or Divine Guardian.

Holy - Arbiter of the Light and Judgments of the Pure both offer increased threat, albeit very small return on your point investment.

Ret - Crusade is still a good amount of threat, and most builds pick it up. A lot of builds are picking up Improved Judgments in order to get Rule of Law in the next tier, which is a strong threat talent. More and more I am finding the increased range on Judgment very useful for pulling, particularly since it doesn't bounce like AS.

Common Builds (Not updated for 85):

Default - 0/31/10
Threat Heavy - 2/31/8
WoG Build - 0/33/8
My Build (Heroic-centric) - 0/33/8

Here's a complete talent break-down, with the core talents marked:

Tier 1:

(Threat, Optional) Seals of the Pure is one of our weaker threat talents, but it IS added threat.

*(Survival, Mandatory) Divinity has gotten a bit better since 3.3, and does apply to your self-WoG heals. I consider it a superior option to Eternal Glory, but some paladins consider the chance to save HoPo superior. Divinity is of course the superior survival option to both other talents, and so is marked as mandatory.

(Utility, Optional) Eternal Glory gives you a 30% chance to not spend HoPo on Word of Glory casts. I use the spell infrequently enough as is for this to merit much use, but it does lessen the DPS cost of using WoG in "oh shit" moments. (Note: I am using WoG a LOT more now, and am contemplating this talent. Earmarking a set of "survival" talents that boost self healing for heavy damage situations is becoming much more the norm).

Suggestion: Divinity 3/3; SotP 2/2(threat) OR EG (Survival/Utility)

Tier 2:

*(Survival, Mandatory) Toughness is of course a no brainer. More armor please!

*(Survival, Mandatory) Judgments of the Just is also mandatory. Slowing boss swing speed equates to a LOT of damage prevention.

(Utility, Situational) Improved Hammer of Justice is useful for Lich King builds, but otherwise not worth it.

Suggestion: JotJ 2/2, Toughness 3/3

Tier 3:

*(Survival, Mandatory) Sanctuary Uncrittable, 10% flat DR, and mana return on blocks. Absolutely required.

*(Threat, AE, Mandatory) Hammer of the Righteous is a class defining ability, our second main source of Holy Power, and our goto move in AE and trash fights.

*(Threat, Mandatory) Wrath of the Lightbringer is our highest threat talent at 85, accounting for a truly staggering amount of single-target TPS.

(Threat/Utility, AE, Optional) Hallowed Ground is one of our weakest talents threatwise, and most "pure MT" builds skip it. However, it does a decent job of boosting Consecrate in AE/trash situations when paired with the Consecrate glyph, assuming Consecrate can tick for its full duration, and the mana savings is key for allowing free use in heroics.

Suggestion: Sanc 3/3, HotR 1/1, WotL 2/2; HG (AE tanking)

Tier 4:

(Threat, Recommended) Reckoning is now our third highest threat talent, scaling well with our mastery, and allows for more seal procs with SoT. Highly recommended.

*(Threat, Mandatory) Shield of the Righteous is a class defining ability, our main sink for Holy Power, and our highest threat generating move.

(Threat, Optional) Grand Crusader gives us a nifty refresh on Avenger's Shield, which can boost our threat quite a bit. It is one of our more lackluster talents however; due to the nature of our single target rotation, we don't have a lot of freedom to use these procs. Most MT builds take it for lack of other options (AS does hit HARD these days, and there are times you can use the procs back to back), but I've found that 1/2 points is sufficient in most cases. Note: More pure raiding builds are taking 2/2 GC over Hallowed Ground, and (hopefully) replacing Consecration casts with AS casts. I'd suggest taking this if you do not pick up Hallowed Ground.

Suggestion: Reckoning 2/2, ShoR 1/1; GC (threat)

Tier 5:

*(Survival, Mandatory) Vindication still acts as Demo Shout; a solid survival talent (The interrupt to HoJ is going away in 4.0.6).

*(Survival, Mandatory) Holy Shield is yet another class defining ability, and allows us to get unhittable (102.4% combat table coverage) in 4.0.1 an extra 10% more block value over other tanks. Hooray, block value!

(Utility/Survival, Recommended) Guarded by the Light's first purpose is giving you the option of spending HoPo on Word of Glory to refresh Holy Shield, which can be incredibly useful when running between packs, or popping a critter just before a boss fight. The secondary effect, boosting your WoG healing and the added shield on overheals, is a solid survival boost.

(Utility, Optional) Divine Guardian remains a brilliant raid survival tool, even if it no longer is poppable as a mini-shield wall. Raid Wall lives on!

Suggestion: Vindication 1/1, HS 1/1, GbtL 2/2, DG 1/1

Tier 6:

*(Threat, Mandatory) Sacred Duty is our second highest threat talent, and considered mandatory. See Rotation section for details.

*(Utility/Survival, Mandatory) Shield of the Templar reduces cooldowns on AS (more threat), Guardian of Ancient Kings (50% shield wall), and Wings. Considered mandatory for GoAK if nothing else.

Suggestion: Full tier

Tier 7:

*(Utility/Survival, Mandatory) Ardent Defender is now an Oh Shit button. Get it, use it, love it.

Suggestion: Full tier

For pure threat, the new priority order in 4.0 is:
* Sacred Duty and Wrath of the Lightbringer before anything else.
* Reckoning, Crusade, Grand Crusader, SotP, and Rule of Law all come in next, in that order
* JotP and Arbiter of the Light come next, followed lastly by Hallowed Ground

Finally, for a much more in-depth discussion of various talent and glyph choices, the man to see is, once again, Theck
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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Tank for Hire

Glyphs are now permanently learned, and you can swap between them by spending a Vanishing Powder! I'd suggest keeping a supply on you during raids, as there are a number of single target glyphs, and a number of AE glyphs, as well as a few other situational ones.


(Threat, Single, Optional) Glyph of Crusader Strike - A basic threat increase, but weak compared to our other options.

(Threat, Single, Not Recommended) Glyph of Exorcism - A boring threat increase on a spell we barely cast. Not recommended.

(Threat, AE, Recommended) Glyph of Hammer of the Righteous - A potent threat increase in AE situations, and in fact our most powerful AE tanking glyph.

(Threat, Single, Optional) Glyph of Judgment - A medium threat boost to Judgment, and our third most potent single target threat glyph. Glyph of HotR will most likely give you more mileage, but this is decent in pure single target tanking.

(Survival, Situational) Glyph of Seal of Insight - It's entirely possible to tank with SoInsight if threat isn't a problem, and this boosts self healing by 5%. A good survival boost.

(Threat, Mandatory/Recommended) Glyph of Seal of Truth - Our well known and well loved 10 Expertise skill boost. As expertise is our most potent threat stat (below cap) in 4.0, this glyph is our most potent TPS boost.

(Threat, Single, Mandatory/Recommended) Glyph of Shield of the Righteous - Boosting damage on our most potent single target ability, this comes in as our second most potent TPS glyph.

(Survival, Situational) Glyph of Word of Glory - Boosting the healing done by WoG, this glyph can increase self-healing on fights where threat isn't an issue.

Suggestion: (Heroics) SoT, SotR, HotR; (MT) WoG, SoI, SoT


(Utility, Optional) Glyph of the Ascetic Crusader - 30% mana savings on Crusader Strike. If you're using Consecration without Hallowed Ground, or using Holy Wrath a lot, you might find the mana savings useful.

(Threat, Situational) Glyph of Consecration - A weak DPS increase on single target fights, and a medium one on AE/trash fights. Couples well with Hallowed Ground.

(Utility, PvP, Optional) Glyph of Dazing Shield - If you want the daze effect back on Avenger's Shield, use this. Personally I prefer the added ability to pull casters away from their packs quickly and cleanly, and so forgo this one.

(Utility, Optional) Glyph of Divine Plea - My "placeholder" Major glyph, this gives us a bit more mana boosting if needed.

(Utility/Survival, Optional) Glyph of Divine Protection - This glyph removes the 20% physical DR on Bubble Wall, and adds 20% more magical DR, giving us a 40% magical DR in total. Very useful for fights like Sindragosa or other magic heavy encounters.

(Utility, Optional) Glyph of Lay on Hands - Reduces the cooldown by 3 minutes, allowing for more LoH casts. Not all that useful now that the base cooldown is 10 minutes.

(Utility, Optional) Glyph of Divinity - Returns the mana bump to LoH. Semi-useful if you toss LoH on the healers, or run yourself dry.

(Threat, Single, Recommended) Glyph of Focused Shield - A large threat boost on single targets, this glyph is highly recommended for single target tanking. Switch it in for boss fights!

(Utility, PvP, Optional) Glyph of Hammer of Justice - Increased range on HoJ is useful on Lich King fights or in PvP.

(Utility, Optional) Glyph of Hammer of Wrath - While we'll probably end up using HoW frequently on dying bosses, mana cost generally isn't an issue.

(Utility, Recommended) Glyph of Holy Wrath - Allows you to stun elementals and dragonkin with Holy Wrath. Three guesses what kind of mobs we'll be seeing in Cataclysm!

(Utility, Situational) Glyph of Salvation - Turns Salv into a Fade button. Occasionally useful to halt a DPS player's threat gen for a few seconds, it's unclear if threat generated while Salv is in effect returns after the duration ends.

(Utility/Survival, Situational) Glyph of the Long Word - Turns 50% of your WoG healing into a self-HoT. Unclear how this interacts with Guard by the Light, but the best guess is only the direct healing portion is used to create the shield.

Suggestion: Holy Wrath, Divine Plea; Consecration (AE); Focused Shield (Single); various situational glyphs.


- All minor glyphs are mana savings on various spells, so pick the three you cast most frequently.

Suggestion: BoMight, SoT/SoI, BoKings
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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"Yub yub, Commander."
Tank for Hire

What Seal to Use

Seal of Truth provides expertise (our top threat stat) through the glyph, but it also provides a good chunk of threat on its own. The highest threat option, easily.

Seal of Insight not only reduces mana cost to nil, but provides a solid amount of self healing; coupled with WoG it lets us do an impressive job at keeping ourselves alive without healers, and adds a good chunk to our ability to not fall over. Due to Vengeance scaling making threat less of a problem right now, most tanks are using SoI extensively once a good threat lead has been established.

Single Target Rotation

The new top rotation for single targets has been dubbed "939", and is based on theory craft determining that the priority queue for our abilities is ShoR(3 HoPo) > CS > J > AS > Cons (with HG and stationary target > HW. This boils out to the following rotation:

Prepare:---- DPlea (instant 3 HoPo), Wings, armor pot, etc.
-3.0 sec.---Avenger's Shield
-1.5 sec.---Divine Protection + Judgment (SD proc fishing as the boss charges your face)
0.0 sec.----Shield of the Righteous
1.5 sec.----Crusader Strike
3.0 sec.----Judgment (replace with Consecrate/HW on your first rotation if still on cooldown)
4.5 sec.----Crusader Strike
6.0 sec.----AS > Cons > HW
7.5 sec.----Crusader Strike
9.0 sec.----Shield of the Righteous (threat) or WoGlory (survival)
10.5 sec.----Crusader Strike, repeat.

Since a 3 HoPo ShoR is our highest priority move threatwise, if ShoR misses we attempt to cast again, then return to 0 seconds and repeat. A couple of notes:


- Casting Judgment at 7.5 seconds if you did't have a SD proc was considered optional at level 80, and most math showed that the pushback of ShoR acted to counter the DPS increase anyway. At 85, SD proc fishing is not worth it; keep up a regular rotation and move on.

- In the best world, GC procs every rotation and allows you to AS every time, negating HW and Consecrate. This, of course, is not always feasible.

AE Rotation

There's not one standard AE rotation currently; the easiest baseline is to swap HotR in for CS, and to start prioritizing AE abilities over single target abilities. This gives us something akin to:

Prepare:---- DPlea (instant 3 HoPo), Wings, armor pot, etc.
-3.0 sec.---Avenger's Shield/Judgment to pull
-1.5 sec.---Divine Protection + Inquisition (or your choice).
0.0 sec.----Hammer of the Righteous
1.5 sec.----AS>Cons>HW OR Judgment (see below)
3.0 sec.----Hammer of the Righteous
4.5 sec.----AS>Cons>HW OR Judgment (see below)
6.0 sec.----Hammer of the Righteous
7.5 sec.----Inquisition (Lvl. 81) OR WoG/ShoR (Lvl. 80)
9.0 sec.----Hammer of the Righteous, repeat.


- Make sure to judge at least once every rotation, for mana return and/or chance at SD procs if you need to use ShoR on something. Every other rotation is acceptable, but I'm finding a lack of judging leads to mana starvation.

- You can always switch CS and HotR if one mob in particular is being unruly. That said, HotR doesn't hit for all that much less then CS.

- AS obviously falls off in priority as packs get larger, but it still packs a punch on three targets, and if you're not using Hallowed Ground costs far less mana. User determination required to define priority of AE abilities.

- Make sure you're keeping HS up; spend Holy Power at least once every other rotation. Inquisition can make all of our AE abilities much more potent, so use it as frequently as possible; however I still prioritize WoG (if taking a lot of damage) or ShoR (if one target needs a punch of threat on it).


- Our very own Doxa has provided us with an instructional video.
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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Tank for Hire
Gearing, Gemming, and Enchants

Gearing and Reforging

With the removal of Defense, block value, block rating, attack power, and a number of other stats from gear, things have gotten a lot simpler. The introduction of our Mastery stat (which gives us chance to block) gives us a VERY POTENT new survival stat, taking 40% off of every blocked hit. This is, as you can imagine, very very good, so it takes priority in gearing and reforging decisions. Also, our threat stat priority has changed considerably.


As tanks, we have five main stats which contribute to our survival: stamina, armor, dodge, parry, and mastery. Stamina and armor add to our EH pool (as do resistance ratings), while dodge and parry (plus base miss chance)add to our avoidance pool.

Mastery (block) is usually lumped in with the EH stats, but because we lost the ability to block cap in Cataclysm (for now) then it's more a statistical reduction in incoming damage per second (acts to smooth out damage) then a true EH stat. That said, mastery provides more survival gains then avoidance stats and so gains priority in gearing. As we advance in Cataclysm, consider a blocked hit the norm, and an unblocked hit the equivalent of a crushing blow. Now recall how amazing it was to push crushing blows off the table in BC, and you'll get a feel for how good mastery is.

Mastery versus Avoidance: Reforging
This section is a little messy while the theorycraft gets sorted and I wrap my head around new concepts. Pardon our dust.

Particularly given rating decay, avoidance at the start of the expansion is a lot lower. This means that a lot more boss hits are going to be connecting rather then missing. Avoidance allows less of these hits to connect, whereas mastery gives us a higher chance to reducing damage of a hit that does connect. Given the superior rating-to-skill conversion of mastery as well as the new encounter model which focuses on sustained incoming tank damage, this puts mastery ahead of avoidance as our go-to stat to reducing incoming damage, both via blocking 40% of the hit's damage as well as pushing normal hits further off the combat table. Avoidance is no slouch though! Look to balance dodge and parry coming out of heroics, with ~10-12% of each and around 45-50% chance to block.

What to Reforge

For any given piece of new gear, reforge the threat stat, then the highest avoidance stat to mastery (meaning whichever you have more of between dodge and parry). If the gear piece already has mastery, reforge a threat stat to avoidance if you want a survival gain.

For more in-depth coverage of reforging and mastery, check out sculder's guide at Maintankadin.

Stamina versus Armor versus Mastery
This section is a little messy while the theorycraft gets sorted and I wrap my head around new concepts. Pardon our dust.

Due to new encounter design in Cataclysm and the emphasis on sustained tank damage versus healer resources as compared to previous expansions, mastery is edging closer and closer to competing directly with stamina as a stat to stack. Theory-crafting is still being done, but the grapevine suggests there may be a point where we stop stacking stamina in favor of mastery.

Bonus armor has been mostly done away with, and the only point where you see it these days is on trinkets, where we find a direct choice between stam, armor, or mastery. Theckhd and others have pegged 1 point of mastery rating as approximately equivalent to 7 points of armor (and the old 10 armor ~= 1 stam I think is still true). That said, most tanks are running with a mastery/stamina trinket pairing currently, because of the benefits of mastery.


The above section is a lot of words that I'm finding difficult to cut down into clear, concise concepts, so let me distill this into how to approach a new piece of gear from a survival standpoint. Reforge any threat stats to mastery first; if no threat stats reforge the avoidance stat you have more of to mastery if the piece doesn't already have mastery. Otherwise reforge a threat stat to a survival stat (assuming you don't need the threat). Gem for socket bonuses, and stay tuned on whether mastery gemming is a viable alternative to stam gemming and at what levels it's applicable.


As a whole, current Vengeance scaling makes stacking threat stats not worth the effort, unless you are struggling in heroics with DPS geared to a higher tier then you are. Most tanks at the end of heroic 5 man and beginning raid content are pretty much ignoring threat stats entirely.

4.0 brought several changes to our talents which largely de-emphasize strength as a threat stat for us, while raising the potency of Hit and Expertise. As such, the new threat stat prioritization is as follows:

Tier 1: Expertise to soft cap > Hit to melee cap
Tier 2: Strength and stamina (due to Vengeance) have a slight lead over Crit, AP, and Agility.
Tier 3: Haste is far superior to Int, Spell power, and Mastery (due to Reckoning)

As such, you'll want to cap hit and soft cap expertise first, and then stack strength and stamina. Remember strength adds parry now, as well.

For a more in-depth look, check out Theckhd's theorycrafting


Note that agility no longer gives an armor benefit, and so has fallen in terms of its potency, although it still grants dodge. Also note that tinkers now STACK with enchants; engineers, it's your show.

A basic rundown on enchants:

Head: Earthen Ring faction head enchant
Shoulder: Therazane shoulder enchants, or Inscription if you have access to them.
Cloak: Protection (250 armor)
Chest: Stamina/Greater Stamina (55/75 stam)
Wrist: Dodge (50 dodge rating)
Gloves: Mastery/Greater Mastery (+50/65 mastery)
Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle (+1 socket, and FUCK YOU pricing)
Pants: Charscale Leg Armor (+145 Stamina, +55 Agility) or the lesser, cheaper Twilight version.
Boots: Lavawalker, Mastery, or Earthen Vitality. Stick with EVitality for leveling, it's dirt cheap, and get Mastery if you pick up PoJ (if you don't, keep EVitality for the runspeed).
Shield: Blocking (+40 block rating)

Weapon Enchants:

Mending - The best cheap survival enchant. Nommy heals!

Windwalk - The tanking avoidance enchant requiring raid mats. A no-nonsense 600 dodge rating probably makes this better then Mending, but it's vastly more expensive.

Accuracy - The "cheap" threat enchant, maybe not so much because it uses Northrend mats.

Pyrium Weapon Chain - If you need the hit, use this. You shouldn't need the hit.

Landslide - 1k AP is for threat.


To match socket bonuses or not to match socket bonuses. Since mastery is so potent these days, a lot of tanks are matching, using stam for blue sockets, mastery/stam for yellow sockets, and then either parry/stam or parry/mastery for red sockets. With mastery being so potent, I'm tending to match sockets whatever the bonus; it evens out the stam/mastery boost, and you pick up some bonus stats as well.

A basic rundown when gemming for socket bonuses:

Yellow - Puissant Dream Emerald (Mastery and Stam)
Blue - Solid Ocean Sapphire (Stam)
Red - Defender's Demonseye(Parry and Stam) OR Fine Ember Topaz (Parry and Mastery)
Meta - Austere/Eternal Shadowspirit Diamond (Stam and armor/BV)

Note on the meta: Use the Austere gem until you have somewhere around 50% block chance and 35% avoidance. At this point the Eternal gem begins to outstrip the Austere, albeit only for fights with blockable physical damage (read: most of them).

For a more in-depth look, check out Digren's phenomenal gem/enchant guide.
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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"Yub yub, Commander."
Tank for Hire
Macros and Addons


Righteous Defense/HoR - I use the alt modifier since it's easy with my Fang. This lets you force a RD taunt, or uses HoR when targeting unfriendlies, and RD when targeting friendlies. So long as you don't have a mob targeted, RD has built in mouseover functionality (I didn't put it in with a mob targeted because it caused.... problems in Hyjal).

/cast [mod: alt] Righteous Defense
/cast [nomod: alt, harm, nodead] Hand of Reckoning; Righteous Defense

Divine Shield - The DS macro lets you bubble/unbubble (unbubble on second click). My Holy Shield(change pending, I haven't made a new cancelaura macro. It will likely be WoG.) macro is also the same, with a whole LIST of /cancelaura for things I'd like to be able to click off easily, like BoP, Vigilance, and so one.

/cancelaura Divine Shield
/cast Divine Shield

Turn Evil - Sets your current target as your focus and attempts to Turn Evil. Shift clicking with no target clears your focus, as does clicking if you target is dead or nonexistent.

/clearfocus [modifier:shift] [target=focus,dead] [target=focus,noexists]
/focus [target=focus,noexists]
/cast [target=focus] Turn Evil

Hittable/Avoidance Macros - these will print out your avoidance and your avoidance + block rating to the chat frame. Useful if you don't run an addon like Tankadin2.

/script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("Need 102.4 combat table coverage. Currently at: "..string.format("%.2f", GetDodgeChance()+GetBlockChance()+GetParryChance()+5))

Note: The above macro may only be versus a level 80 mob, since it pulls directly from your character sheet. Confirmation pending.


Tankadin2 - Chloe's mod for the tankadin community. As of now, it looks like she's hanging up the towel on it, and to be honest it has lost a bit of it's usefulness as the game has evolved. That said, I'm keeping the link out of respect for her work. (Also, the main addon site and MTadin discussion thread) NOT Updated for 4.0.1

Holy Trinity - A new addon by PsiVen of MTadin which tracks Holy Power in a clean, easy to read interface. A great addon with additional ability timers.

Pally Power - With the advent of 4.0 and the blessing simplifications, a lot of paladins have said so long to Pally Power. I keep it around because it's an easy way for me to keep track of timings, but it's not all that useful now.

Power Auras - A fantastic addon; essentially it puts up graphics on your screen to tell you when something is up/not up/usable/wombat. I generally make auras such that they show up when something is NOT there, and then play the "make the auras go away" game. I use auras for RF, seals, Holy Power, and more!

RatingBuster - Quick way to access all the info you need about an item in the mouseover tooltip. Futz with the options a little to make sure you're seeing exactly what you want to see.

TidyPlates with Threatplates plugin - Reskin of the floating health bars on enemy mobs, with adjustable alpha and scaling based on threat, targeting, and more. I just recently got this and have fallen in love.
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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"Yub yub, Commander."
Tank for Hire
Closing Words

The once again re-invention of the paladin class with 4.0 has breathed some much needed life into our mechanics. I'm having a blast getting used to the changes, and on the whole I have to say we play much more adaptively, with a slew of abilities and options to react to changing situations. Get out there and tank!

"Indeed, the only thing better than realizing you're able to tank anything in the game is reaching the point where you no longer need prove it." - Dorvan of Proudmoore
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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Useful Links


Maintankadin. Your one stop shop for all you tankadining needs.

Knaughty of Saurfang's Basic and Advanced FAQ threads

Theckhd's MatLab Theory Thread, Talent and Glyph thread, and EH Guide thread. They include maths on rotations, substitutions, gearing decisions, specs, and more! VERY good read for both the starting and advanced tankadin. UPDATED for 4.0; it is WELL worth the read

sculder's Reforging and Mastery Guide answers basic questions about our mastery, reforging, and how to go about it.

Digren's Tank Levels and GearingGuide and his Gemming/Enchanting Guide are a very good metric to what you should be wearing and how it should be enhanced.

Maintankadin's Gear Check thread offers a place to get quick gear choice recommendations.
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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Current Acronyms:

* AotL - Arbiter of the Light.
* AS - Avenger's Shield.
* CS - Crusader Strike.
* Cons - Consecration.
* EG - Eternal Glory.
* GbtL - Guarded by the Light.
* HG - Hallowed Ground.
* HotR - Hammer of the Righteous.
* HoPo - Holy Power.
* HP - Hitpoints or Holy Power, depending on context.
* HS - Holy Shield.
* J - Judgment.
* JotJ - Judgments of the Just.
* JotP - Judgments of the Pure.
* JotW - Judgments of the Wise.
* R or Reck - Reckoning.
* RoL - Rule of Law.
* SotP - Seals of the Pure.
* SD - Sacred Duty.
* ShoR or SotR - Shield of Righteousness the Righteous.
* SoR - Seal of Righteousness.
* SoT - Seal of Truth.
* SotT - Shield of the Templar.
* TbtL - Touched by the Light.
* WotL - Wrath of the Lightbringer

Current Terminology:

unhittable, block cap - reaching 102.4% combined avoidance and block chance, pushing normal hits off to WoW combat table.

avoidance - sum of dodge and parry.

EH, effective health - The amount of damage it would take, flat out, to kill you with no healing. Comes in physical and magical flavors.

939 - Our new Cataclysm rotation
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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10/22/2010 - Updated for 4.0.1
12/21/2010 - Updated for 4.0.3
1/5/2011 - Updated Glyph of LoH/Divinity
1/26/2011 - Updated for current tanking practices
2/10/2011 - Updated news for 4.0.6.
8/7/2011 - Official "Out of Date" notice. Thanks for playing kids, I'll be back someday (maybe).
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4.2 Tankadin FAQ - written by Theckhd
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