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Keep your WoW Account Secure!

Web Dude & LE
We'd like to take this opportunity to remind you of good ways to keep your WoW account secure.
  • Use a unique email address for your login.
  • Use a unique, secure password (8+ letters, numbers and symbols) for both your email account and your login.
  • Don't use your email address or your account password anywhere else. Not even here at the LO site.
  • Never click on any link in any mail claiming to have been sent by Blizzard, especially one claiming that you have to click a link to prevent some sort of action.
  • Nobody, not even Blizzard will ever ask you for your login or password. Don't give it out.
  • Keep your anti-virus program up to date.
  • Keep your anti-malware program up to date, if your anti-virus does not also perform anti-malware scans.
  • Keep your operating system up to date with security patches.
  • Do not log in over a public wireless network, i.e. at a coffee shop. Be wary of logging in over a public wired network as well.
  • Consider obtaining a Authenticator for an extra layer of security.
  • Don't buy gold.
  • Don't use a power-leveling service.
Blizzard has a comprehensive checklist of additional security actions that you can take, and a list of frequent reasons accounts get hacked. They also have a list of things to do if you have indeed been hacked. There's even more in their Customer Service forum.

Please do all you can to keep your account safe.
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