Raiding Leftovers Information

[WoW] Leftovers Loot Policies


Leftovers Loot Policies v. 4.0

I. Definitions and Scope

A. Sanctioned Raids. Any Current tier, non-LFR, World of Warcraft raid organized using Leftovers’ resources (e.g., in-game chat channel, forums, calendar, etc.) must distribute contested items (“loot”) according to the rules described below. Any prior tier raid may use these rules, but does not need to do so, so long as loot distribution methods are made known to the raiders.

B. Charter. A group of raiders who schedule, slot and lead raids under LOP and/or LOLCAT policies. A charter's leads are responsible for their LOP Charter Discretion policies or their LOLCAT policies (sec II.E; III).

C. Loot Griefing and Collusion. Loot griefing and collusion are forbidden in all Leftovers raids. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Asking someone to change their bid to another person's advantage
  • Asking someone to bid on behalf of someone else
  • Exhibiting or expressing displeasure with the result of loot having been distributed according to the rules outlined in this document
  • Indicating to an individual other than the loot master your intended bid, with the intention of altering their bid
  • Endeavoring to alter the recipient or point-cost of an item, either in coordination with another player or on one's own
  • Offering to buy or sell items won via LOP to/from other raid members for gold

D. Other Considerations. For anything not specified in this document (including violations of the general “don’t be an asshat” rule), charter leads are given full decision making powers – with the sole exception that charter leads may not award or remove points from individuals as punishment or reward without prior express permission from the WoW Team.

E. Blizzard and You. All of Blizzard's Terms of Use (ToU) and other associated policies apply to all LO WoW activities. We do not tolerate hacking, cheating, griefing (unless it's against Kavanagh), or any other violations of Blizzard's policies.

II. Leftovers Points (LOP)

A. Points.

Points are awarded to everyone who participates in a LOP-charter's sanctioned raid, in whole or in part. The individual is awarded 4 points for every hour spent in a raid, rounded to the nearest 15 minutes. An individual can use points acquired in previous raids to bid on loot as described below.

B. Bidding Process.

When an item drops that is subject to the bidding process, it is announced to the raid. Any raider who can receive the item may place a single bid by private in-game whisper to the person making the bid announcement. The bid types are:
  • Shroud. “I really, really want this loot and am willing to trade half my points for it”. You must have 10 points to bid “Shroud”.
  • Standard. “I would like this loot and am willing to spend 10 points on it."
  • Save. “I would like this item to not be put to Charter Discretion. I want it, but not so much as to take it from someone who bid Standard.”
    - Essentially a Standard with a built-in pass to any other Standard bidder.
  • Raiders may bid Standard or Save even if bidder does not have a full 10 points.

C. Types of Loot.

  • Epic Equipment (BoP or BoE): awarded according to the bidding process
  • Legendary quality or solely used for the creation of a legendary: awarded according to special policies, which are posted in the WoW Policy Forum
  • Non-equipment Items: Vanity Items (Mounts, Pets, Tabards, etc), Patterns, Bags, or Bags o' Greed (ex.- Sartharion's Satchel of Spoils) may be handled via charter discretion. If no Charter Discretion for these items exist, they are to be handled via LOP bidding.
  • Rare or lower equipment and Tradeskill Items (Essence of Destruction, etc) may also be handled via charter discretion. If no Charter Discretion for these exists, they are to be distributed via a /roll among all raiders interested.

D. Awarding Items.

If there are Shroud bids, the item is awarded to the individual with the highest point total. If there are no Shroud bids, the item is awarded to an individual who bid Standard. If there are no Standard bids the item goes to Save. Ties for bids are broken by in-game /roll. Shroud wins cost half the raider's current points or 10 points, whichever is higher. Both Standard and Save wins cost 10 points.

Items not awarded at the conclusion of the bidding process are distributed according to charter discretion.

 Shroud > Standard > Save -> Charter Discretion

Point charges are made immediately upon receipt of the item. The minimum number of points that any player may have is 0.

E. Charter Discretion.

  • Any item not awarded based on or as a result of the bidding process is distributed at the charter’s discretion.
  • Charters must ensure that the method for distributing these items is internally consistent and clearly defined in the charter's documentation on this site. These policies are subject to the pre-approval of the WoW Team.
  • All of these policies should be stated via in-game text at the start of any raid where these policies may come into play with new raiders, or when a new raider joins.

III. Leftovers Loot Council Action Teams (LOLCATs).

Charters may apply for LOLCAT charter status. LOLCAT charters run a loot system defined in their charter description. These charters are responsible for their own policies and are expected to remain internally consistent. During LOLCAT raids no LOP is earned or spent. A charter may elect to be both LOLCAT and LOP. The charter name on the calendar will determine the type of raid to be run. LOLCAT raids may be advertised in channel and on the forums.