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Leftovers is not just a raid organization; we're a community of like-minded individuals who like to hang out in WoW and have a good time (be it in a raid, or otherwise!). The Leftovers Forms are an important part of that Community.

All forums are at their best when the Community Members treat their fellow forum-goers with respect, civility and courtesy. The Leftovers Forums have always tried to live by one golden rule, "Be Excellent to Each Other." The Guidelines below have been written in order to demonstrate how that can be achieved, as well as what constitutes failure of those expectations. While our Guidelines do not cover every possible offensive behavior, we will address any behavior that we feel is inappropriate.

The 10 Guidelines

These Guidelines are created to assist members in being upstanding, contributing members to this community. Therefore, the Mod Squad gives you the following:

1. Let the Mod Squad do their job

The Mod Squad consists of Aedaron, Bandrin, Greebo, Javienn and Quinnaria. All have their title placed under their avatar for easy identification. If a Mod Squad member requests you do something, it is a good idea you pay attention to them. By saying things like, "Stop, Please get back on topic, etc.," they are attempting to keep the peace, not pursue a personal vendetta against you.

  • Do not make a forum thread about Moderated threads or people. If you have a problem or wish to argue/defend your case about a moderation action, please contact the Mod Squad (Click Here!).
  • If you see a post that is uncessary or inflammatory, simply PM the Mod Squad (Click Here!) with a link to the thread/statement in question. Do not try to handle it yourself; that is just asking for trouble in the long run. The Mod Squad wears flak vests for a reason.

2. Play Nice.

The Mod Squad does not want to be your mommy or daddy. We do wish people to have fun, enjoyable and civil discourse with one another. In general, most topics are open for discussion. This includes things like politics, religion and other subjects that might be viewed as sensitive. While we do not forbid them, we will watch them closely to make sure they do not cross the line of civility. So, do not think because the topic is allowed, one has carte blanche to take these discussions to extreme levels.

  • If someone requests you let a topic drop, please be the bigger person and just do so. There is no need to defend it, just do so. PM the Mod Squad if you feel the request was unfair. We'll deal with the matter.
  • If someone is doing something and you wish them to drop it, ask them to politely. If they do not, just PM the Mod Squad and we will handle the issue. Don't harangue them and hassle them and be even more disruptive to the thread. Just let the Mod Squad work.
  • There is only One Thing that will not be tolerated in any manner on the Leftovers Forums. Hate Speech. Even in jest, this is forbidden due to the volatile nature it holds. It doesn't matter if you are Jewish making a Jewish joke, Do Not Do It. Hate Speech includes, but is not limited to: Disparaging comments made of an individual or group on the basis of, Race, Religion, National or Ethnic Origin, Skin Color, or Sexual Orientation.

3. Respect your fellow LOer.

Treat other posters as you would want them to treat you. Do not bait people into foolish arguments. Respect that others feel as passionate about their perspective as you feel for yours. And please, don't troll... The Mod Squad will have words with you if we feel your are intentionally flaming a thread, trash-talking or have gone past acceptable behavior. An Example!

  • The President made a bad move. This is purely opinion, but opinion is good. There is no follow up with a why, but there is nothing wrong with this.
  • The President is *insert popular Late-Night TV Joke about the president* Context is important here. Maybe you are making a joke, but someone might take it wrong. The Mod Squad is watching, but we aren't going to interfere yet. If someone does ask you to stop, politely say you intended it as a joke and meant no harm.. and let it go. The Mod Squad now breathes easier.
  • The President is a retarded twit that needs his head split open with a axeblade *arglebargle now ensues* Um, yeah. You'll note the Private Message to your left just lit up. That's the Mod Squad. We need to talk with you.

4. Thou Shalt Contribute to the Discussion.

If you are posting to an existing thread, stay on topic and say something meaningful. If you are starting a new thread, post an opinion with the topic - don't just post "I hate Ponies! - Discuss.".
  • Don't register on the site just to trash talk. We want discussion and interaction, not brainless insulting banter. You can find that on plenty of other forums. If you register just to tell us how much we suck you'll be banned.
  • Do not practice discussion assassination. A good thread discussion can be destroyed by flame wars, personal attacks, and posting of “clever images with witty sayings.” We don't want to stifle anyone's fun, but this should be done constructively. Unfortunately, identifying this problem is highly subjective, which makes it hard to say exactly not what to do. Here are some guidelines.
    • Don't derail a discussion that has a purpose, such as one which has already generated several on-topic forum posts.
    • Everyone here is entitled to start a discussion. If a discussion has a reason to exist, then either contribute or don't. People less savvy than you are not here for your amusement and derision. Calling someone dumb or insulting them will make that little private message button on the left light up.
    • Disagreement is fine, but be constructive in your disagreement. Just saying, "You're Wrong" doesn't cut it. Drive-by comments are not welcome; if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
    • Basically, don't be a troll. Or you will be dealt with.

5. Thou shalt have but one name and shall not pretend to be someone you are not.

You only need one account to post. You don't need to create level 1 alts to troll the channel. Registering another account to say something you don't want attributed to yourself probably means it's not a good thing to say in the first place. That means no Nice Guy/Mean Guy. Keep in mind that our moderators have the tools to very quickly detect Dual Accounts. In other words, don't try and fool us. You will get a forum vacation if you do.

As well, do not give yourself a title that is not yours. Claiming to be a Charter Lead, a Team Lead or other actual position within LO that is not yours will lead to that little private message button lighting up.

6. Thou shalt make a rudimentary attempt to make thyself easily understood.

You don't have to win a Pulitzer for what you say or write here, but try to show at least a semblance of intelligence. Pls no txt tlk kthxbai.

That said, also please keep your post length reasonable and easy to read. Punctuation doesn't have to be perfect, but try. No one wants to read 100 lines of text with no paragraphs or punctuation.

Also, try and keep your quotes focused. No one wants to see 4 nested quotes before your reply. Quote the part of the post you are replying to, and edit out previous responses. When the quote is 20 lines of text and you reply with one sentence, the reader really does want to claw his own eyes out.

7. Thou shalt keep thy forum posts Safe For Work, or note in the title when they're not.

The Mod Squad strives to keep these forums at a PG-13/Mild R level. However, we're not prudes, and we all like to have some fun now and again. But if it's not something you wouldn't want your boss to see over your shoulder (or someone else wouldn't want THEIR boss seeing it -- cuz even if your boss would love it doesn't mean everyone's would), then put NSFW in the title and link to the content -- don't display it the post.

8. Thou shalt keep thy forum posts legal.

Copyrighted material should not be reproduced in part or in full on the forum, post links to photos or articles that you do not own the copyrights to. You also may not post "leaks" around which a Non-Disclosure Agreement has been signed (for example, leaks from the Friends and Family Alpha). This information may be linked to, but not posted inline.

9. Signatures and Images shall not be seen from Space.

  • Avatars should be tasteful and appropriate. Animated GIFs are ok, but not if they cause seizures.
  • Signatures that are more than 150 pixels tall (viewed at 1280x1024) may be subject to regulation. You may use the ruler at the right to estimate your sig size. In general, 150px is basically the equivalent of 7-8 lines of text, or two full size Zetbit toons stacked on top of each other. Please keep the combined size of the images and text in your signature under that size. If you desire to use two of the signatures - place them side by side please
  • Posted images should small enough to fit in the window without having to scroll and download is a reasonable time. Once you get bigger than 800px wide and/or 150KB in size, consider linking the image instead, or at the very least put a warning in the thread title.

10. Thou shalt not begin redundant threads.

While you don't have to search back and find a thread that's six months old to post in, it IS expected that you at least check the current first page of the forum to ensure that your topic hasn't already been posted.

If you post a topic that is already under discussion somewhere else, the Mod Squad may decide to remove your topic unless it serves to help order the discussion. It is not personal, we are sometimes just trying to beat neat and orderly. Please, don't take it personally!

These guidelines aren't written in stone, but are a good place to start when trying to fit into the community. The Mod Squad encourages everyone to remember the Gold Rule of LO - Be Excellent to Each Other.

As well, if at any time you see something that clearly deserves review by a member of the Mod Squad, or if you simply have a question or concern, PM us By Clicking This Link! This one! *CLICK!*. We are happy to talk, anytime.

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Expectations and Repercussions

Making Moderation Noticeable

Unfortunately, there are times where the Mod Squad will have to address disrespectful, destructive and "non-excellent" behavior. Perhaps a topic is going off the rails, or the debate is getting a little too personal.

  • In instances like this, the first thing a poster might notice is the Mod Squad individual is Posting their moderation in the color Red.
The Mod Squad realized that some members were having issues telling that we were, in fact, moderating. So, in order to make it clear we had our "Mod Hat" on - any in-forum moderation will be in the color red to prevent any misunderstanding. (Why red? Easy to notice. Blue/purple just didn't have that pop - and orange is kinda.. well weird lookin').

We will pull this thread over

Sometimes, it will become necessary to go further than a friendly reminder, or even a stern, "Don't make me pull this thread over." In instances where the participants of a thread just will not get the topic back on track, or continue to lob personal attacks at one another - the thread will be closed. We don't want to - but, just like your parents actually did pull the car over when you kept punching your sister - we will lock the thread to get the point across that perhaps you should act with a bit more civility. That said, the Mod Squad does not frown on someone creating another thread about the actual discussion topic. But, if someone starts another thread to carry on the insults, rage and destructive behavior? That will get our attention, in a very bad way.

The Small Things

There will be times when the Mod Squad will send people a PM to discuss their behavior. Usually, we just want to ask you to step back and think before you post. Other times, we just want to ask you to make it where your Sig can't be seen from space. Hopefully, those that receive these PMs realize that the Mod Squad honestly wants to help you. We are not picking on you, and often - you aren't the only person getting a PM when forum disagreements have wandered out of control.

These PMs are between the Mod Squad and you. They are simply us pointing out a bit of misbehavior with hopes to curb it before it causes issue. We truly hope that is all you will need to correct your behavior. Think of them as a request to take five and find your calm. ;)

But please, don't take them as a challenge to go forth and act with further insulting behavior. That will also get our attention in a very bad way.

The Repercussions of the Very Bad Ways

There does come a time when someone jumps across the bounds of decency and is no longer even close to excellent to his fellow posters. If after our PM reminder the misbehavior and disrespect continues to flow from your keyboard, the Mod Squad will institute a "Forum-Time-Out" (or FTO). This means that you can still sign up for raids, but you will be unable to post on the Forums until such time the FTO is lifted from your account. Much like other forums, we will keep track of how often you receive a FTO - and if you keep building them, proving you are incapable of acting with civility to this Community, you will be given a permanent FTO. Our "Discipline Tree" is as follows:

  • First offense: 7 days time out.
  • Second offense: 14 days time out.
  • Third Offense: 3 months time out.
  • Fourth Offense: Permanent Forum Ban.
Now, the first thing to note about this is, FTOs will normally only occur after PMs have been written and the Mod Squad has informed you the behavior in question is not acceptable. While it might be necessary to give someone a FTO without a PM warning, that would have to be one epic level of troll/spam/asshattery. As well, it is possible that a member will breach the boundaries of civility and respect so epically that they may skip a step in the Tree. We hope to never see such behavior, but being prepared doesn't hurt either.

More importantly, the Mod Squad reserves the right to remove a member from the Discipline Tree if they have shown exemplary behavior in their posting for an extended length of time.

What happens in Vegas, is in PMs and on record

The Mod Squad will not be public about the discipline actions taken unless we feel it is necessary to assist in curbing behavior trends. Normally, what happens to TrollerMcGee should not be used for further drama and attacks within the forums. So please understand that just because you didn't see the other person involved in your disagreement get called out - doesn't mean they didn't get a PM from us as well.

That said, all disciplinary actions will be kept in an area viewable to all of the LO Teams for oversight. So, do know there are people watching over the Mod Squad, ensuring we don't just go all bash-a-troll over everyone.

Hopefully, this will make clear the process that the Mod Squad intends to take in the moderation of these Forums. There is simply no place on these forums for individuals that fail to abide by the guidelines or refuse to be civil to their fellow Leftovers.

If you have any questions, please (Click Here!)to PM the Moderation Team - and we'll be happy to answer any questions!

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