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There is no application process to start raiding with Leftovers. There are, however, some simple guidelines that you should follow if you would like to continue raiding with Leftovers.

Know the Raid Expectations

Before signing up for any raid with Leftovers, ensure you have read and understand the Loot Policies.

Once you've signed up, check the Raid Calendar every so often to see if you're slotted. If you're logged in, the Raid Calendar will highlight raids you've been slotted in with a deep green. A lighter green is used for raids you've signed up for or have been marked Standby. You can also click on the raids you're interested to look at the roster and see if you're slotted.

If you're on Standby for a raid show up at invite time and check in with the Charter Leads in the manner requested on their Charter Description page. The Charter Leads for a raid are marked with an "L" in the raid roster. They will pull you in if your class or role is needed. Even if you don't get in, Charter Leads really notice when you do this and will remember your name next time they slot. Checking in on Standby is the best way to get a raid slot in the future with a new charter.

If you're Slotted for a raid, be online and ready (fully repaired, having all consumables, at the instance or ready for summon) when invites go out. People who aren't ready on time waste everyone's time and are frowned upon. If you aren't online and ready to go when invites go out time, many Charters will replace you immediately whether you are 2 minutes late or 20 minutes late. If you will be late, either enter that fact in the notes on your signup or PM the Charter Leads and let them know.

You should also follow any additional preparation or Charter-Specific Raid Guidelines specified by the Charter in their Charter Description page.

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Charter-Specific Rules

Before signing up with a charter, make sure to read the Charter Description page. This page can be found by clicking on a charter's name, and is automatically shown to you every time you sign up for a raid with a charter. The Charter Description is there so you can know what type of raid you're getting into and for Charters to tell you what they expect from you.

Some types of information you might find on Charter Description pages include:

  • Charter Discretion Loot Rules. These rules are supplementary to the overall Leftovers Points and Loot rules, and may not be in conflict with LO rules. Generally, these rules describe how the Charter handles any item which isn't purchased under LOP. Some Charters like to give away BOEs that aren't bought. Some Charters have designated gathering profession rules. Some Charters do specific things with patterns that don't fall under LOP. Some Charters have vanity items (including mounts) go for /roll instead of LOP.
  • LOLCAT Charter Rules If you are signing up for a Charter with LOLCAT on the end, you are signing up for a Leftovers Loot Council Action Team. These Charters do not run using standard LOP and will have loot rules specific to their own charters. They may use Loot Council, they may use Need Before Greed or any other number of custom loot systems. Each LOLCAT Charter will have their policies laid out clearly in their Charter Description so you know how things will be handled during the raid.
  • Voice Chat Requirements. Most -- but not all -- Leftovers Charters use the official LO Teamspeak 3 (TS3) Server. You can find connection information here (log-in required). Typically, when a Charter indicates that Teamspeak (or other voice chat utilities) are required, they simply mean they require you to be able to listen in on Teamspeak. If for any reason you cannot (for example, due to hearing loss), simply PM the Charter Leads and explain your problem. Most will be willing to accommodate your needs.
  • WoW Addon Requirements. Many WoW raids require the use of boss mods and/or threat meters. An addon updater such as Curse Client or MMOUI Minion will allow you to keep your addons up to date by just re-running the updater -- it will check for new versions and download them. Generally, at least one of each of the following are required:
    • Boss Mods: BigWigs, Deadly Boss Mods or Deus Vox Encounters
    • Threat Meters: Omen or Skada
  • Gear or Experience Requirements. Depending on the Charter, you may find different expectations as to the level of gear or experience required. Pretty much every charter expects fully enchanted and gemmed gear. If a Charter is pushing top-tier content, they may look a great deal at gear, ability and previous raiding experience -- but it's not the be-all and end-all. Every charter handles this differently, and you should be able to find a charter that fits your gear/ability/interests. And if not? You can always apply to form your own charter!
  • Preparation Requirements. That is of course very dependent on what you’re raiding. Each charter will have their own requirements or recommendations, but in general at least read (and understand!) a full strategy for each boss expected that night. As for what to bring, that too will depend; but a good raider will have a full complement of consumables (flasks/stims, buff food/adrenals) should they be necessary. Even if you won’t use them, having them around if needed is GOOD.

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Build Your Reputation

In Leftovers, you control your destiny -- and your reputation. As a raider, you're the only person who can control how others view you.

If you prove yourself a valuable contributor, charters will know. In the CL forums, there's a whole thread dedicated to CLs bragging about great players. CLs will even try to find places for raiders they can't use; they love to find homes for folks that excel or that prove helpful.

If you act like an idiot in an LO raid, you do so at the peril of your raiding in this community. There's a thread for that, too, and charters will know. Don't let one mistake brand you as someone the CLs would rather avoid.

Leftovers is a community, and in a community such as this, you are the reputation that you create - for good or ill. With a good reputation, you'll raid here for a long time coming. Here's the four biggest things you can do to help keep your pristine Leftovers rep intact:

  1. Be the "Best" you can be - even if that best is "newb".

    Be the guy that helps. Come prepared, be kind and be helpful. Show the Charter Leads of your raid that you ARE the right guy for the situation. When a charter lead is slotting a player they don't know, all they really have to go off of is your armory and any LO raid history. It's always a good idea to introduce yourself. Even if you are totally new - be the guy that says "Hey, I'm totally new to this - anything I should know so I don't screw it all up?"

  2. Be Cool.

    Things go bad sometimes. We've all had night where nothing goes right, the boss can't seem to be positioned correctly, the healer keeps losing connection or someone is learning a new job and hasn't got the hang of it yet. These things happen. The trick is to remember that it doesn't help to get mad and yell. Doing so only makes the matter worse, escalates the anger and causes frustration. Yell at the open room, scream at your cat, just don't yell at the raid.

  3. Don't curse people out.

    Even if you've had the worse night ever, someone just treated you like dirt and your contemplating mass murder - NEVER curse out your fellow raiders. It doesn't matter if the other person started it, it doesn't matter if you feel you had a reason. In Leftovers, we do our best to treat each other with respect. We do not insult people or call people names with malicious intent. Be the bigger person.

  4. Be Present

    In a raid, you are one of a team; one of 8, 10, 16 or 25 people who all share a common goal. Whether you type or talk, be present in the raid. When the group wipes, check your logs quick, figure out why you died. If you did something wrong, admit it. If you saw someone do something wrong, whisper a Charter Lead. Take responsibility for what you can control, and then let the CLs take care of the rest.

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Have Fun!

Seriously. Find a charter or group that raid in a style you like and have a good time. Share your good time with others, and try and improve everyone’s time around you.

Don't worry if you're new to raiding; we all were at some point. Leftovers is dedicated to getting as many people into endgame content as possible. It's all about seeing content, beating bosses, and having a good time together!

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