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Welcome to Leftovers Community Raiding! We are a multi-game raiding organization breaking open World of Warcraft 10- and 25-man raid content on the Silver Hand (US Pacific Time) server, and Star Wars: The Old Republic 8- and 16-man operations on the Begeren Colony (US Pacific Time) server.

Five Steps to Get Started

Whether you’re brand new to raiding, or just new to Leftovers, it’s easy to get started in our raids. We welcome good, fun people of all stripes, classes and gear levels. There’s no application process – just five simple steps to follow:

  1. Register for the site. Go to the registration page and follow the instructions.
  2. Add your characters to your account. Once logged in, enter your characters, what classes they are, etc. on the My Characters page. Make sure when you do so to register your character's name exactly as it appears in-game so that it properly hooks into the Armory(for WoW). If you get an error adding your character, please contact the Team Leads.
  3. Find raids. There are tons of raids on the raid calendar on all days of the week going to lots of different places. If you don't know what instance to sign up for, just look for whatever fits your schedule.  Remember to change to filters at the top of the page to match your game/faction.
  4. Sign up for raids.
    1. Click "Sign Up For Raids" on the top left of the Raid Calendar.
    2. Select Raids. Click the checkboxes next to the raids you want to sign up for. Select as many raids as you want, even if it's the same instance or same timeframe. The system will make sure you don't have any scheduling or raid-lockout issues.
    3. Read the charter descriptions. Once you click "Signup" on the raid calendar, you’ll be taken to a page that tells you about the groups you’re signing up with. It’s very important that you read this carefully, as that’s where charters will explain their particular rules and expectations.
    4. Confirm Characters. Select which Characters you want to sign up to the raids, add any notes you need the charter to know about (such as "30 mins late") and click "Quick Signup."
    5. Verify Your Signups and Check Your Status. Any raid you’ve signed up for will now show up on the calendar in light green.
  5. Introduce yourself. Let the community know who you are! Post a note in the General Forums on the site here. It’s also a good idea to send a Private Message (PM) to the Charter Leads of the raids you signed up for via the “PM Charter Leads” link at the top of each raid roster page.

That's it! If at any step in the process you encounter an error, please please contact the Team Leads and we'll be sure to help you out.

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Your First Leftovers Raid

Slotting in Leftovers parlance refers to who a charter’s leads have selected to participate in any given raid. Each charter has its own process for slotting; some give preference to guildies, others to regulars, and some even give preference to newcomers. Being Slotted means that you are expected to attend for the duration of the raid.

You can check your slotting status by clicking on the My Raids page on the left menu, and it’s also visible on the front page when you’re signed in to the website. If your status says that you are on “Standby” it means that you should check in with the charter leads before raid start time in case of a late cancellation. You are not expected to be online for the duration of the raid if you are on standby.

Once you’ve been slotted for your first raid, check out the Raider Guidelines on the site and make sure you’ve read the charter’s Charter Description. Then, just be sure you’re ready and waiting in time for invites. 

You can win loot in your first Leftovers raid! The short version of the loot rules for newcomers is this:

  • You receive points for spending time in a raid. You spend points on loot.
  • When loot drops in a raid, you’ll be asked to send an in-game whisper to someone with a bid. It will be announced in raid chat or voice chat.
  • Since this is your first raid, if you want loot, you’ll whisper that person with one of two words:
    • “standard” – means “I’d like this loot, please!”
    • “save” – means “I’ll save this from being disenchanted/reverse-engineered, but if someone else wants it, please give it to them!”
  • Tie bids are broken by a /roll. If you find yourself winning piece after piece of loot and want to share the wealth, you can type “pass” in raid chat instead of /rolling. You don't need to do so, but it looks good on you when you do.
  • Sometimes, other people who have more than 10 points will bid a "shroud", which means "I'd really, really, like this loot and I'm willing to spend half my points on it!" Once you have more than 10 points, you can choose to shroud, too, but it won't be during your first raid. You can check your points balance on your My Characters page, or learn more about the loot system.

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Tips for Leftovers Newcomers

  • The more raids you sign up for, the better chance of getting in to a raid. Don’t hesitate to sign up for everything in sight! You never know which group will need you the most on a given week. Don't worry about lockouts; the system will make sure you don't get put into conflicting raids. The only exception if the on the raid calendar note says something like "& Ony" -- the calendar won't prevent you from being slotted for other Ony runs, so just be on the look out for that. Other than that, just sign up and come along for the ride :)
  • A raid which is bolded on the calendar means that the raid is looking for more signups. Don't be discouraged if there's already a lot of signups for a group; often, those are mostly alts! Many groups also like to try and slot newcomers when they come, to give them a friendly start, and your class or role may be needed anyway.
  • "/join leftovers"(WoW) and "/cjoin leftovers"(SWTOR) in-game. Everyone is invited. This channel is used for LFM/LFG, "raid is full" and "hay guys need more for BoT/EV" announcements, getting-to-know-you and technical WoW/SWTOR discussions, among other things. Guidelines for use of the channel can be found in the Community Guidelines.
  • Be patient. While there are dozens of charters within Leftovers, there are also thousands of raiders. It might take a few weeks to get your first raid slot, but eventually it will happen. If you want to improve your chances of a raid slot, be sure to introduce yourself to the charter leads the first time you sign-up with the charter and...
  • Check in on Standby. Most charter regulars start off by just checking in when they're on standby – it’s really the best way to go. In some charters, not checking in can hurt your chances of a future slot, just as much as checking in can help! You can also hang out in /lostandby; raids looking for people often check that channel first.
  • Know the Rules. There aren't too many rules in Leftovers (and most of them can be summarized by "don't be an idiot"), but you should know the ones we have. In particular, you'll want to be familiar with the Loot Rules, Raider Guidelines and Community Guidelines.
  • Enjoy some Cake. And have a good time in all your future Leftovers Raids!

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