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Welcome to Leftovers Community Raiding! We are a multi-game raid organization breaking open World of Warcraft 10- and 25-man raids on the Silver Hand (US Pacific Time) server, and Star Wars: The Old Republic 8- and 16-man operations on the Begeren Colony (US Pacific Time) server.

Our Philosophy

Leftovers is an online gaming community that facilitates communication and event-planning for players across, within and outside-of a variety of games. We provide tools and opportunities for new and veteran members to move between groups and games while maintaining a diverse and welcoming community environment.

Leftovers is not a guild; we’re a collective of small guilds/larger guilds/individuals who prefer to stay with our smaller guilds/friends/family. We’re a community run by volunteers who help organize open roster raiding for anyone who has an interest in raiding content that requires 10 or more players.

Every player on Silver Hand or Begeren Colony is invited to join Leftovers, to tackle raid content at a pace and schedule that suits them, without the requirement of guild membership. Becoming a member of the Leftovers requires nothing more than registration on our website, or participation in one of our many events/raids. Get started now!

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Leftovers History

Founded in May of 2005 on the Silver Hand server, Leftovers was created to provide a raiding home to those individuals who did not believe joining a large guild should be required simply to see and combat the end game raiding instances.

Within three months of formation, Leftovers had enough members to run two Onyxia raids at a time, a server first for any raiding group/guild. Three months later, Leftovers fielded three full Molton Core clears with groups moving in to Blackwing Lair. By the time the Burning Crusade was slated for release, Leftovers raid teams were tackling all available raid content, including AQ40 and Naxxramas.

In December 2005, the logistical overhead of organizing and slotting three public raids led to the formation of Strike Teams, which were each led by its own leadership. This also led to the introduction to the Leftovers Point System, which established our core value that loot and points be handled on an organization-wide basis. By Leftovers' first anniversary, nearly 400 active members were part of the community.

Leftovers moved to a Charter Raid system in 2008, the core of which is still in use today. By July of that same year, Leftovers had caught the attention of prominent WoW News Site, who published a two-part feature article on the Leftovers model (Part 1 | Part 2). The result was a major influx of raiders to Leftovers, and proved an inspiration for similar models on other servers.

In September 2009, Leftovers came to the Silver Hand Horde, with the formation of the first Horde Leftovers Charter.

In December 2011, Leftovers officially went multi-game with the launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic, supporting both Empire and Republic Charters.

Today, Leftovers consists of more than 35 active charters, running over 60 raids weekly across both games and all factions. Over 600 characters raid with Leftovers every week.

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There are three levels of leadership within the Leftovers community:

LO Team Lead (TL)

Top level leadership tasks in LO are divided among several specialized teams.  These teams act as the final voice of Leftovers when needed.  At times special Task Teams will be temporarily formed to address specific issues.  These are the current Leftovers Teams, and their areas:

  • WoW Team - Create, alter and administer WoW policies, guidelines, and Charters, and help with other game specific tasks.
  • SWTOR Team -  Create, alter and administer SWTOR policies, guidelines, and Charters, and help with other game specific tasks.
  • Tech Team - Maintains, updates, and develops the website.
  • Moderation Team "The Mod Squad" - Determines and administers out-of-game community-based policies (forum guidelines)
  • Communications Team & Mediators-  Keeps the community informed about changes to LO, organizes community events, and takes feedback from active community members on the "face" of LO. Also includes Mediators who act as neutral parties and seek to resolve disputes facilitate communication, both between teams and within the community at large.
These are the current LO Teams.  To PM a team click on it's team name.
WoW Team Almightree, Galcynn, Relur, Valic
SWTOR Team -  Lot, LittleWolf, Sonete 
Tech Team Fireina, Guthammer, Mhz 
Moderation Team "The Mod Squad" Aedaron, Bandrin, Greebo, Javienn, Quinnaria 
Communications Team and Mediators -  Andaelas, Catir, KeeRissa (with Plato as an additional 'on call' Mediator) 

Charter Lead (CL)

Charter leads are in charge of leading raids under the charter system and ensuring that raids are run according to the Leftovers Policies. Charter Leads are responsible for ensuring the success of the raid, including making slotting decisions, distributing and recording loot in accordance with LOP, and organizing the raid itself.

If you ever have a problem during a Leftovers raid (with another raider, with the way something is being handled, etc.), bring it up with one of the charter leads for that raid immediately.

To see the leads for a particular charter, select the charter from this list. To contact a charter's leadership, scroll to the bottom of the charter description page and click the "PM Charter Leads" link.


Leads Emeritus (LE)

A Lead Emeritus is a former Overall Lead or Team Lead. Emeritus status is given to preserve the knowledge and history of the Leftovers community.

The Leads Emeritus are:

Agbaar, Argeris, Bleucheese, Corwynnde, Daphyd, Ded, Dulin, Felada, Galthron, Jaerith, Kahlil, Kieryn, Krystan, Midi, Rajin, Raukurk, Shisatsu, Shocri, Tenatia, Thalin

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