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Raider Guidelines

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The Guidelines

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WoW Leftovers Loot Policies
SWTOR Leftovers Points (SWTOR-LOP)

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If Things Go Wrong

If you ever have a problem with any member of the Leftovers Community, please first try to resolve it amongst yourselves. If a suitable resolution cannot be found, bring it to the attention of the appropriate level of lead:

  • If the issue occurs during a raid, bring it up with one of the Charter Leads for that raid immediately.
  • If it is a broader issue in the community, bring it to the attention of the appropriate Team Leads. If it happens in-game, please be prepared with screenshots.
  • If you have an issue with a Charter Lead, bring it to the attention of  the appropriate Game Team Leads in a Private Message. Again, if it happens in game, please provide screenshots if possible.
  • If you have an issue with an Team Lead, bring it to the attention of all the Team Leads in a Private Message. If you prefer not to invite the offending TL that's your call, but we suggest you do. They’re a pretty reasonable sort and actually prefer to know they’ve messed up and offended someone.