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All Leftovers raids are run within our charter system. Our charters are our sanctioned raid groups, which have been approved to run raids under the Leftovers banner by the appropriate Game Team Leads.

The Charter System

Charters are authorized to use the Leftovers website, forums and calendar. In exchange, they must follow all Leftovers Policies and use our common points system. Any charter which does not follow the Leftovers Policies may be revoked at the sole discretion of the appropriate Game Team Leads. Charters may also be revoked should they be seen to be having a negative impact on the community or its raiders.

Each charter has its own personality, and its own specific guidelines and culture. Raiders are expected to be familiar with the Charter’s Description (accessible from the Charter Groups List), which includes information on how to check in for raids, expectations the raid has of its raiders, and how they handle Charter Discretion loot.

Charters can be affiliated with a guild, but need not be. In WoW Charters may receive approval  for 10-man only raiding, or 10 and 25-man raids. In SWTOR Charters may receive approval for 8-/16-man operations, pvp events, rp events, or other community events. Charters may be Horde, Alliance, Empire or Republic but may not span factions or games.

Any members of the Leftovers community may submit a Charter Application.  WoW Charter Application. SWTOR Charter Application.

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Charter-Only Raids 

WoW Rules

Within Leftovers, some raid instances have been designated as "Charter Raiding Instances". Raids to these instances within the Leftovers system (including the forums and in-game chat channel) can only be organized and run by approved Charters and Charter Leads. In WoW, Charter content is restricted to normal and heroic runs; Looking-For-Raid content cannot be run as charter content.  

In WoW, these instances currently include the following instances in 10- and 25-man varieties:

  • Tier 14 (Mogu'shan Vaults, Heart of Fear, Terrace of Endless Springs)

Any other raid (including all world bosses and any previous expansion content) may be organized and run by any member of the community using the in-game chat channel, or via the Unofficial Events Planning forum.

In WoW, use of the WoW Charter General Discussion Forums and WoW Raid Calendar are restricted to Leftovers' chartered raids, regardless of raid/dungeon.


In SWTOR, level 60 Story, Hard, and Nightmare Mode Operations (8-/16-man) must be run under LOP and the charter system, and can only be organized and run by approved Charters and Charter Leads.  These are the current tiers of charter operations:

  • Temple of Sacrifice Story/Hard Mode
  • The Ravagers Story/Hard Mode
  • Dread Palace Story/Hard/Nightmare Mode
  • Dread Fortress Story/Hard/Nightmare Mode
  • Scum and Villainy Story/Hard/Nightmare Mode
  • Terror From Beyond Story/Hard/Nightmare Mode
  • Explosive Conflicts Story/Hard/Nightmare Mode
  • Karagga's Palace Story/Hard Mode
  • Eternity Vault Story/Hard Mode
  • World boss kills (Story/Hard Mode if applicable)

In SWTOR, Charters also have the option of running other events using the SWTOR Charters LFM Forum and Raid Calendar.  These events  include, but are not limited to, PVP and RP events.  You don't even need to be a charter to organize these events, but you do need to be a charter to use the Get to Your Ships! - SWTOR LFM forum and SWTOR Raid Calendar

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Charter Leadership

Charters are not fixed raid teams; instead, charters are formed around a team of leads (the Charter Leads). Each Charter must have at least two charter leads. 16/25-man raids are strongly encouraged to have at least four leads.

Apart from the common policies described in the Leftovers Policies section of the website, Charter Leads are free to run their raids in whatever manner they find appropriate. In particular, all slotting decisions are left to the charter leads' discretion.

Charters and Charter Leads are the face of Leftovers. A raider's first experience with Leftovers is often through one of our many chartered raids, and it is up to every Charter Lead to ensure that the experience reflects well on the organization.

Charter Leads are responsible for ensuring the success of the raid, including making slotting decisions, distributing and recording loot in accordance with LOP, and organizing the raid itself. Every raid run by a charter must have at least one of their leads present. Every Charter Lead must also have a working knowledge of the Leftovers Points system, and stay up-to-date on any changes and updates.

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Forming a Charter

If you are interested in forming a Charter within Leftovers, please familiarize yourself with all of our policies.

The prospective leads for a new Charter must submit a Charter Application.  WoW Charter Application. SWTOR Charter Application.  The application form includes details such as raid objectives, number of raiders, how often raids will be held, what days the raids will be, a list of Charter Leads, etc.

Please note that any charter application must have the support of at least two prospective Charter Leads; charter intending to run 16/25-man content are strongly recommended to have 4. One of these leads must be available and present for each raid the charter runs.

Every prospective lead for a new Charter must indicate their full support of the charter application and an understanding of the game specific Leftovers Points System with a /signature in the application thread. Details of the /signature requirement can be found in the Charter Application. 

Once the charter is submitted and all signatures are included, the Game Team Leads will review the application. This process may take several days. In reviewing a charter application, the Game Team Leads look at a number of factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Are there enough raiders to support another Charter running the target instance(s) at this day and time?
  • Do the proposed Charter Leads have a positive reputation in the community, and will they work well with the other Charter Leads and Team Leads?
  • Is the Charter Application in line with general Leftovers policies?
  • Are there any other concerns or issues that would indicate that approving this Charter application would be detrimental to the community, its raiders or its leadership?

The result of this review will be one of three actions:

  1. Approve the Charter. The new Charter Leads will be sent a Private Message with instructions on getting their first raids set up, and will be given access to the Charter Lead forum.
  2. Request changes to the application. If the Charter application (especially the Charter Discretion section) is found to not be in alignment with Leftovers policies, or if there are other concerns about the applications, the Game Team Leads will contact the prospective Charter Leads requesting the relevant sections of the application be updated and/or changed.
  3. Deny the Charter. This may happen for any number of reasons, and those reasons will be disclosed in a Private Message to the applicants.

The Charter Application is located in the forums.   WoW Charter Proposals.  SWTOR Charter Proposals 

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Inactive Charters

Charters will be marked as inactive if they have not posted a raid in 6 weeks or more. If a charter wishes to take a break but know that they will be back, the charter leads should bring the matter to the attention of the Game Team Leads.

If a charter has been moved to an inactive state, its leadership can request reactivation by posting a revision request in the appropriate Charter Proposals Forum, and have all of the leads sign off on it.   WoW Charter Proposals.  SWTOR Charter Proposals   

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